“I have been so overloaded and my house has been an embarrassment. I can’t believe the transformation. I am really impressed, thank you Mayfield”


“They re-organized my Tupperware cabinet. They vacuumed the couches, they crawled underneath my son’s bed and picked up all the toys, they cleaned the dog prints off the windows “


“The ladies did a great job! Thank you so much!”

Cheryl, Grande Prairie

“THEY WERE AWESOME, my house is so clean  Thanks Mayfield!!!!”

Sarah, Grande Prairie

“I am so happy, THANKS Mayfield!”

Brittany, Dawson Creek

“WOW, they were great, thank you Mayfield!”

Karen, Fort St. John

“Good Service”

David, Fort. St. John

“I wanted to let you know they did a good job”

Kevin, Grande Prairie

“Fair service, good price, highly recommend”

Steven, Grande Prairie

“I just wanted to let you know they girls did a good job”


“Wow, they did a great job! Thanks Mayfield”

Anna, Dawson Creek

“Worth every penny, I love this!”


“I just wanted to tell you what a great job the ladies did today!”


“Every Blind is done, Every couch has been moved, the windows, the cabinet fronts, the floors look great. I am very very happy!”

Kenzie, Fort St. John

“They straighten all the books on my daughter’s book shelf, they moved the couches, they wiped down the trash can, the windows are clean. I am so happy, thank you Mayfield”

Jamie, Fort St. John

“Wow, I was very impressed when I got home! Great Job ”

Stan, Dawson Creek

“I was really having a bad day until I got home, I am definitely impressed.”

Abby, Grande Prairie

“They were AMAZING, Thank You!!!!!

Tina, Grande Prairie

“They did a great Job! Thanks Mayfield.”

Ashley, Grande Prairie

“I just wanted to let you know what a great job the ladies did today!”

Emma, Dawson Creek

“Even my mother was impressed”

Laurie, Grande Prairie

“They were cleaning Angles; I am so happy. Thank you Mayfield.”

Lisa, Grande Prairie

“The ladies did a great job”

Ben, Grande Prairie

“I don’t want to touch anything it’s so clean!”


“I am so happy with the service, just wanted to let you know”


“I just wanted to let you know the girls did a good job and I will use your service again”


“I came home the house was clean; I didn’t have to do anything so I took my kids for a bike ride. I came home happy and my kids were happy. Thank you Mayfield!”

Carol, Grande Prairie

“I just wanted to let you know I have been very happy with the service since I started. I have had a lot of services, yours seems to be very consistent, I am impressed so far”


“Holy Cow, they were awesome! Can’t wait for my next clean”

Lindsey, Fort St. John

“Thank you Mayfield, wow they did an Amazing job!!!!”

Carrie, Fort St. John

“The girls did a good job, thought I would let you know”

Aaron, Dawson Creek

“I am so happy I could jump, Thanks Mayfield”

Delilah, Grande Prairie

“I just wanted to let you know that we are satisfied with our clean!”

Christa, Fort St. John

“The house is SPARKLING”

Marie, Dawson Creek

“OMG, they did fabulous job!”

Mary, Fort St. John

“I am so happy, just had to let you know”


“I just wanted to let you know they did a good job”


“I feel like I have been treading water and now with your help I can finally take a breath! Thank you Mayfield”


“Wow, is the only word to describe”