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We are an accredited janitorial service with Comply Works, ISNETWORLD, Avetta, and full COR Recognition.

“Hey Mayfield Cleaning, you put the bug man out of business on this site, wow!” – LedCor 

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Cleaning Remote Locations

trailer remote location office
trailer meeting Before
trailer meeting After

Mayfield Cleaning provides custom Field Cleaning Services to meet your needs. Our team of trained and experienced professionals will travel to remote locations to provide the cleaning services you require. If you need post project cleaning services for your major construction project, Mayfield Cleaning is here to help!

Our Field Cleaning Service essentially entails well equipped and prepared cleaning professionals who come to you in the field. Our cleaning professionals have extensive equipment such as inverters to run our vacuums in remote locations and water tanks as well. If you do not have access to electricity or running water that is not an issue for us, we come prepared!

The Mayfield Cleaning team holds high safety standards and are well trained and prepared. Our team is First Aid, H2S, and WHMIS trained. In addition, we provide our team with all necessary safety equipment such as full fire-retardant coveralls, boots, hard hats, and additional equipment for specific jobs.

trailer office Before
cleaned trailer office After

Trailer Office – Before & After

trailer hall 2 before
trailer hall 2 after

 Hallway view – Before & After

copy room before
copy room after

 Copy room -Before & After

trailer floor after

Commercial Cleaning

Office, Reception, Lobby, Cubicles, Washrooms, Break Room

Our business is making yours shine.

A great first impression starts with a clean facility. With top quality products and services, Mayfield Cleaning always delivers high quality results; we do everything we can to make your business look its very best.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly

office cleaning
before carpet cleaning
After carpet cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery

Carpets, dirty carpets

We travel to all locations (even remote).

From time to time call Mayfield Cleaning to come give carpets and upholstery new life. We will care of individual fabric types and soiling. We can perform the routine cleaning and the deep cleaning of floors and furniture affected by smoke, water, odors and other catastrophes.

Our equipment is top of the line, the best of the industry, because it balances the principals of airflow, suction, water temperature and pressure. This technology, combined with quality cleaning chemicals enables us to get your fabrics cleaner. 

stained carpet
cleaned carpet

 Carpet – Before & After

couch room carpet cleaning - before
couch room carpet ccouch room carpet cleaning - after

 Carpet – Before & After

Grass Maintenance 

Have someone else do the hard work for you. Call Mayfield to clear your driveway or take care of your lawn.

We provide a range of landscaping maintenance services from basic lawn maintenance to complete care for healthy green grass. 

Commercial mowing

Painting & Handyman Service

Do you need help with home and property maintenance?

  • Fence fixing or painting
  • Siding, railings, steps
  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting

Fort St. John painting and small home repairs. $65/hour.

What our customers are saying!

“Hey Emily, you put the bug man out of business on this site, wow!”


“It was a pleasure having your crew work with us. It was an ugly project to get all that cleaned, and your crew did an amazing job!”

- Kyle

Blue Collar Camps

“Hey Emily, this is Chris. Thanks so much – I’ve never worked on a cleaner site.”


“The team that cleaned my home did a fantastic job!”

– Teena

Fort St. John, BC

“I just wanted to let you know I have been very happy with the service since I started. I have had a lot of services, yours seems to be very consistent, I am impressed so far”.
- Melissa

I checked with the teams around here and here’s the feedback we’d like to share with you:

  • The flowers and cookies are amazing.
  • Your team is all very pleasant to work with.
  • They always want to make sure what they are doing is correct.
  • The place is a LOT cleaner now than it was with the other cleaners.
  • They really seem to care about their work and make sure everything is to our standards.
  • They make sure that when something isn’t quite right, to fix it.
- Kristina

Spectra Energy

“I highly recommend Mayfield Cleaning for all your office cleaning needs. They are professional and courteous. They do a great job of cleaning our offices every week. 5 stars!”

- Jennifer May

“I have been so overloaded and my house has been an embarrassment. I can’t believe the transformation. I am really impressed, thank you Mayfield”.
- Rachel

“Thanks so much Emily. We are very pleased with the cleaning! We appreciate the extra mile that was put in. The fridge looks great please send our thanks for the cleaning of the fridge! So sorry I missed thanking you for the wonderful baked good, the whole office very much enjoyed them!”

- Zazulak


“Just wanted to say, the ladies did a really good job at the house.”


Fort St. John, BC

“ I just wanted to let you know that every time the girls are at our site we are more then happy with their cleaning. They both go above and beyond our expectations! It is very appreciated! Thanks!”

– Lene

Dawson Creek

“I came home the house was clean; I didn’t have to do anything so I took my kids for a bike ride. I came home happy and my kids were happy. Thank you Mayfield!”.
- Carol

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